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workingrooms - Social Business solution provides a fluid virtual environment to harvest raw and significant information where sound business decisions could be based. It combines communication and collaboration tools to manage teams, leverage previously unknown talents, and allow employees to become more productive and knowledgeable.

Take your business social with workingrooms

Empower enterprise-wide innovation

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workingrooms - Social Mentoring solution breaks down silos and empowers your employees, regardless of their department or responsibilities, to share knowledge and best practices. Use workingrooms' collaborative, enterprise 2.0 technology to create an interactive, operations-based mentorship program that builds a stronger team right across your organization.

Take your business social with workingrooms

Share tribal knowledge and document experience

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workingrooms - Social Learning solution delivers a next generation corporate learning environment. Build an online community that delivers best operational practices, creates a knowledge repository, and supports and rewards employees for their contributions to collective wisdom.

Take your business social with workingrooms

Collaborate learners from all levels


Social Business

workingrooms - Social Business solution provides a fluid virtual environment to harvest raw and significant information where sound business decisions could be based. It combines communication and collaboration tools to manage teams, leverage previously unknown talents, and allow employees to become more productive and knowledgeable.

The solution is designed to address key business outcomes for businesses:

•   Maintain top talent

•   Improve the bottom line

•   Increase productivity

•   Allocate workforce efficiently

•   Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing

Empower Enterprise-Wide InnovationAsk us how workingrooms social business solution can address your corporate needs.

Social Mentoring

workingrooms Social Mentoring solution moves mentoring from a fixed developmental process to a networked learning environment. It leverages natural learning behaviors with enterprise 2.0 technology to share global mentoring best practices amongst mentors, mentees, and facilitators.

The community includes:

•   Promoting mentee-to-mentee learning, collaboration and innovation

•   Increase speed to competence and promote continuous learning

•   Utilizing compelling media types (video, blogs, micro blogs)

•   Building people networks, relationships, and connections

•   Gaining insights from user activity

•   Multiple collaboration modes

•   Sharing information resources

•   Using federated search

Share tribal knowledge and document experienceAsk us how workingrooms social mentoring solution can help you move your mentoring program into the cloud.

Social Learning

workingrooms Social Learning solution utilizes collaborative, enterprise 2.0 technology to deliver interactive learning management system that is designed to:

•   Provide a venue for learning, communicating, collaborating, sharing, and brainstorming through an interactive
      course delivery.

•   Build learning communities by designing and delivering individualized learning material.

•   Create a catalog of best practices and a resource library of excellence that are accessible to the entire
      educator network.

•   Bring together and organize a uniquely large and accessible cache of information and documentation.

•   Leverage lessons learned through the removal of silos to enable the sharing of best practices between
      trainers, managers, programs and verticals.

•   Maintain consistent training delivery throughout the enterprise by empowering trainers and subject matter
      experts to collaborate on learning material.

•   Allow users to select information streams with job-specific benefits.

•   Award "badges" for desired performance recognition

Collaborate learners from all levelsAsk us how workingrooms social learning solution can help you create a continuous, structured learning environment in your organization.


workingrooms gives your business an Intranet that is interactive, private, collaborative and connected. workingrooms combines the best cloud-based tools to manage projects, teams, mentor, train, leverage previously unknown talents, and share knowledge.

Tap Your Human Capital | Find Experts | Get Real-Time Answers

Discover the hidden talents among your employees. Reward idea sharing and collaboration using Points and Badges. Convert points to meaningful prizes to encourage and accelerate knowledge sharing.

Find Mentors | Develop Internal Partnerships

Help your employees adapt more quickly, and get the information and support they need to be successful. Use the power of video to mentor and communicate. Customize alerts to content and expertise so that you're following who and what is relevant to you.

Maintain Top Talent | Increase Productivity | Break Down Silos

Business performance is improved with happier employees who work hard and play hard. Employees using workingrooms are more engaged than their less-connected peers, because knowledge and work become more transparent and employees are able to get real-time feedback, visibility and gratification. ROI is realized by increasing employee retention. The replacement cost of a middle level employee represents a 150% of base salary.

Customer | Employee Communities | Increase Sales

Let workingrooms help enhance your customer relationships. Provide your sales teams with real time business insights, allowing them to react faster to product availability, customer issues, news about the competition, and other insights that help them go first to market with new products, resulting in more closed deals and increased sales volumes.

A Connected Workplace | Team Building | Increased Collaboration

Collaboration and communication tools that create teams, and reject the myopic "me, myself and I" mentality.

Corporate Communications Redefined

Use the virtual communication and collaboration tools to take your meetings from the boardroom to the cloud. Build new lines of communication identifying in-house experts who can provide best practice solutions that cut across departments and business silos.

Cost Saving |Savings in the cloud

workingrooms is a new generation of cloud computing applications that is accessed through a web browser. For small and medium-sized business this means no elaborate IT infrastructure required along with the associated costs. workingrooms is priced competitively so that you benefit two ways: low startup costs, and low operating costs.


Unlock the possibilities of engagement. Fuel everything you need for collaboration and communication at work. Success driven tools at your fingertips

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Badges and Points

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Direct Message

Direct Message

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Document Management



Email Notifications

Email Notifications

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Task Management

Task Management




Social networking is reinventing ROI. How do you quantify the results of a collaborative, knowledge sharing environment in dollars and cents? We define a new way of measuring social networking implementation. It is called Return on Engagement or RoE. What is the RoE of workingrooms?

•   Reduced losses on cost of productivity, managing information silo, e-mail and IT infrastructure.

•   Reduced costs to existing departments because of improved processes and access to information.

•   Improved knowledge sharing.

•   Accelerated innovation across the organization as a result of knowledge, resource and expertise sharing.

•   Improved employee satisfaction and motivation.

•   Faster to market outcomes because bottlenecks are cleared.

•   Higher customer retention throughbetter communication and customer interaction.

•   Improved supplier relationships through continuous engagement.

•   More effective and timely partner and marketing channel communications and collaboration.

workingrooms is a COST-EFFECTIVE online community for your business!

Get pricing: Contact our sales team for information on licensing workingrooms for your organization.

Customized workingrooms hosted sites are also available. For more information call 1-888-847-3330 (Canada or U.S.). Local: 416-847-0900 or email:

enable your business. Empower your people.


Strategic Consulting to Move Organizations Forward

enable offers strategic consulting to help you achieve all the benefits of workingrooms to meet your business objectives even before you subscribe to the software. This ensures an immediate and measurable ROI for your organization.

Our team helps you visualize how workingrooms will maximize employee collaboration and partner optimization by integrating it with your company's cultural and technical environment. Through our consulting services we can determine how to achieve and exceed your organization's goals.

Implementation and Technical Consulting

Building a social business model is a departure from the norm for many organizations. Our consultants are trained to help you define your social business strategy to fit your business vision, map resources, requirements and provide a realistic means to assess the implementation outcome.

Customizing workingrooms for your needs

enable supports the launch and post launch of workingrooms, assisting your team in setting up and building the application including third-party integration of existing software tools and customization to address specific business goals.

Communications Consulting. Managing change within your organization

Change can be destructive or positively transformative. Social business networks are not for everyone. That's why enable prepares your organization for the transformation. Our customer and employee engagement strategists provide internal communications consulting to help you engage your employees, build network awareness and create buy in.

Contact our strategic consultant and find out how workingrooms can work for you.



enable Inc. is an award winning, accomplished creative digital marketing, consulting and technology services company with particular expertise in private social business software.

workingrooms represents our latest evolution in social business software specifically designed to answer the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. workingrooms fulfills our company's mission to make social business software the means by which organizations can meet the market head on and achieve unparalleled success.

Agents of Change

enable prides itself with designing and implementing business solutions that are changing the way organizations, associations and educational institutions work. We "enable" our clients to realize business goals through our expertise in Information Technology and our dynamic digital marketing strategies. As a full service marketing, consulting and technology development company we leverage these two skills to define enable in the industry and set us apart.

Decade long dedication to creating software with a purpose

Our extensive portfolio over the last decade demonstrates how we have empowered clients to reach their objectives. We pride ourselves with our in depth understanding of how Web 2.0 has opened doors for a new kind of marketing. At enable we provide a comprehensive range of eBusiness solutions, integrating the power of social media with traditional communication and marketing channels to address client needs.


enable has a talented team of creative artists and powerful marketing tacticians whose goals are to deliver excellence in graphic design and digital marketing. This is complemented by enable's strong technical background in designing and developing custom software and client web presence. To this we add competent writers and word smiths, business and marketing planners, and consulting expertise to provide turnkey Web 2.0 business solutions.

You're judged by the company you keep

With over 200 clients in 7 countries, enable provides its expertise to organizations in media, hospitality, government and politics, nonprofit, legal, finance, retail, consulting, entertainment, and education.

Research and Development

enable strives to meet the challenging demands of its clients, who in turn, are facing the challenges of a globalization. Through its R&D, enable continues to develop products and services to leverage connectivity and knowledge sharing including mobile and wireless applications for workingrooms.

Leverage our expertise and quite the noise of social media. Ask us how social media can generate an ROI for your company.


enable provides customer and technical support for workingrooms to ensure engagements between employees, customers and suppliers is productive. On top of this enable provides training and online documentation, FAQs and video demonstrations to ensure a satisfied user experience.

Our Maintenance & Support packages include:

•   Guaranteed response time to all inquiries.

•   Product application expertise and help from knowledgeable support professionals

Contacting Support

enable's Support Center hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

For assistance on accounts, and workingrooms features please call our Support Center:

•   Phone: 1- 888 -847- 3330 (Canada or U.S.) - 416-847-0900

•   Fax: 416-968-7619

•   Email:

Contact Us

144 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L7
Fax: 416-968-7619


Supported Web Browsers

Listed below are the supported operating systems and browsers for use with workingrooms. workingrooms is a Web-based application and other browsers and operating system may work well, however, the listed configurations are the only configurations that are tested and supported by workingrooms.


Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer v8 or later
Opera v9
Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

What about other browsers?


If you encounter problems with the layout or functionality of the site and you are using an older version of the browsers listed above, or a browser that is not listed here, then we recommend that you upgrade your browser.

Mobile Browsers

workingrooms supports mobile platforms. They are not 100% compatible and a desktop browser is recommended.

Why don't you support older browsers?

Many new features we wish to implement require a modern browser because they are not compatible with older browsers.

Flash and JavaScript

To log in into your workingrooms Community as well as many other features a JavaScript enabled browser is required.

For uploading files as well as viewing files in the document previewer the latest version of Adobe flash is recommended.


Coming Soon!


Version 2.7

Features and Changes

  • Calendar> View Full Calendar – ability to filter active and completed tasks by period and room for all task owners.
  • Profile Settings – added new fields "seeking expertise" and”seeking opportunities in”.
  • Profile Settings – added two individual fields to display “company” and “department”.
  • News – added the ability to copy and paste a link to populate news module. 
  • Search Filters - Room Owners and Administrators have the ability to locate room members by filtering their search with two new filter options “seeking opportunities in” and “seeking expertise in”.  
  • Text Editor – Enhanced text editor functionality for greater flexibility when creating documents.
  • Instant Chat - Improved chat behavior by adding sound and graphic alert.
  • Bugs - Fixed minor bugs.

Known Issues

  • MS Office 2010 files show incorrect preview.
  • Double clicking on a “send comment” button will result in the comment being posted multiple times.
  • Showing multiple overlapping events in week calendar view will distort the events layout.